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Tap into the science of light.

Modern life means 24/7 exposure to stressors that disrupt your health. SaunaSpace®️ has crafted a protective escape that jumpstarts whole-body healing. Combining the ancient wisdom of nature and the forward-thinking perspective of science, SaunaSpace Luminati™️ saunas optimize powerful heat, light, and grounding therapy, with our Faraday™️ saunas offering additional EMF protection. Use our 3- and 4-bulb Tungsten®️ Infrared Sauna Panels to turn any space into a SaunaSpace.

For targeted deep tissue rejuvenation, bask in the glow of our Photon®️ Infrared Therapy Light. All our products feature our handmade incandescent ThermaLight®️ bulbs that mimic natural heat and light therapy from the sun – minus the harmful UV – so you can feel your best.

Every aspect of our products is meticulously engineered to make your experience simple, comfortable and effective. Made in the USA, SaunaSpace products are assembled by hand at our facility in Columbia, Missouri. We stand behind our products with a 100-day home trial and generous warranties. Try us out for yourself, and if it’s not the right fit, we make returns easy.

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