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Day 1: November 28, 2022

  • Module 1: The New Biology Revolution


    What You'll Learn

      Learn about the New Biology, focusing on the amazing capability of your body to regenerate. Discover how to use food as information and why alternative sources of energy have revolutionary implications on nutrition, medicine, genetics and your lifespan.
  • Joel Bohémier, DC

    Dr. Joel Bohemier and Sayer Ji Discuss the Promise of Regeneration and the Origin Story of GreenMedInfo

    Joel Bohémier, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • Inspiration for Sayer Ji's book, REGENERATE
    • Learn more about your body's radical resilience 
    • Science supporting natural healing

Day 2: November 29, 2022

  • Module 2: Regenerate Your Heart and Brain


    What You'll Learn

      Learn about the incredible new science of cardiac, endothelial progenitor and neuronal stem cells, and how to use food and lifestyle practices to regenerate your heart and brain!
  • Sayer Ji

    Viruses, Exosomes and Contagions: Part 1

    Sayer Ji and Joel Bohémier, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • Using the new biology during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Is viral communication transfer necessary for species survival?
    • Why viral symptoms are a necessary adaptation to the current environment

Day 3: November 30, 2022

  • Module 3: Regenerate Your Metabolism, Optimize Your Weight


    What You'll Learn

      Learn how to reset and renew your metabolism using the Regenerate RX dietary template. Discover dietary and lifestyle hacks that will optimize your weight and muscle mass.
  • Sayer Ji

    The New Biology Revolution and Food as Information

    Sayer Ji and Joel Bohémier, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • How the new biology relates to the new immunology
    • Current psychological agenda and the body’s radical response
    • How you obtain information from food and pass it to your children

Day 4: December 1, 2022

  • Module 4: Regenerate Yourself Through Detoxification


    What You'll Learn

      Learn ways to encourage the elimination of harmful chemicals and metabolic by-products that interfere with self-regeneration.
  • Kevin Ellis, CHC

    Top 10 Bone Regenerating Foods

    Kevin Ellis, CHC


    What You'll Learn

    • The Bone Coach shares foods that help regenerate strong, healthy bones
    • How do certain foods reverse bone loss?
    • Strategies for restoring bone health  

Day 5: December 2, 2022

  • Module 5: Regenerate Your Endocrine System and Promote Longevity


    What You'll Learn

      Hormone levels decrease as you age and your body begins to struggle with renewing itself. Discover powerful ways to take control and reverse biological aging with evidence-based strategies!
  • Sayer Ji

    The Journey to Infinite Energy

    Sayer Ji and Sachin Patel, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • Daily practices proven to help regenerate energy 
    • Learn how the body extracts energy from water, melanin and so much more
    • Catapult your body’s energy levels with diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques  

Day 6: December 3, 2022

  • Module 6: Regenerate Your Immune System


    What You'll Learn

      From fasting to incorporating specific immunomodulatory superfoods, the best way to prevent cancer and infection is to support your body’s innate defenses. Learn how today!
  • Joel Bohémier, DC

    Get To Know Dr. Joel Bohémier

    Joel Bohémier, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • Dr. Joel Bohémier discusses the divine intelligence of the body
    • A look inside of his life-long experience of helping others heal
    • Regaining your right to health and wellness

Day 7: December 4, 2022

  • Module 7: Regenerate Yourself Through Fitness


    What You'll Learn

      Learn from fitness expert Hamad Shirazi. Discover ways to use movement as medicine and incorporate simple practices to renew, strengthen and optimize your physical and mental fitness.
  • Sayer Ji

    Reversing Metabolic Disease and the New Aging Paradigm

    Sayer Ji and Joel Bohémier, DC


    What You'll Learn

    • Discover your ability to reverse your biological age
    • Magic of magnesium
    • Benefits of fasting

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